November 13, 2005

OK, so it took me a little while to figure out – the vpnc part of NetworkManager, while being IN NM’s cvs, is not distributed as part of NetworkManager. So, I decided to figure out what gives with it – and I have a preliminary tarball for it, as well as an ebuild in Gentopia.  I don’t have an actual VPN to connect to however, so…

 Need someone out there who can, to test it out for me, and lemme know how it goes…


The world of EVDO

November 11, 2005

I played with an EV-DO card today – the Novatel Merlin s620 and wow – it is actually fast – I mean, we did streaming video – not bad at all – I wanted to push the envelope, but at the time in the training class, we actually had to wait on some people to finish with the laptop’s that we had available to us, so I didn’t get to see anything like a VOIP call or anything like that.  I started searching on the net because of it – I mean, I had been interested before, but I noticed a couple of things – first, the AirPrime cards are supported by the kernel (at least, I *think* they are – I saw a driver for them) – and apparently, the s620 is supported by the basic usbserial driver, as the card itself is a USB modem, and the card has a Lucent OHCI usb chipset on it.  Must do more research – wish I had a card myself.  Sprint is offering a deal on them though – 250 dollars is what they cost without a plan or anything – but you can get it for free basically – and you have 2 plans to choose from, IF you have voice service, you can get unlimited data usage for 59.99 a month, or if you don’t want a voice plan, you pay 79.99 a month.


Now if I could just get someone to hook me up with some money so I could buy one to play with. 

run dbus run…

November 7, 2005

So, dbus by default puts the system socket in /var/run/dbus/  and for some reason, we have been putting it into /var/lib/run/dbus/  or /var/lib/dbus/ one of those two, either way, joem pointed it out to me, because avahi and skype were both not working properly because of it.  I went ahead and committed the fix, I also bumped up to dbus .50 because it has been out for a while, some people were asking for it, and though I have been running it locally since a few days after it was released, I never put it into Portage (mainly because I am still new and don’t want to get in trouble/break anyone’s systems 🙂 )

Hello World!

November 7, 2005

Hello everyone.  This is my blog related to Gentoo and frustrations as well as accomplishments that happen.