OK, so it took me a little while to figure out – the vpnc part of NetworkManager, while being IN NM’s cvs, is not distributed as part of NetworkManager. So, I decided to figure out what gives with it – and I have a preliminary tarball for it, as well as an ebuild in Gentopia.  I don’t have an actual VPN to connect to however, so…

 Need someone out there who can, to test it out for me, and lemme know how it goes…


One Response to NetworkManager-vpnc!

  1. _Andrey_ says:

    Do you have Gentoo ebuild? My ISP require VPN established before i can connect to internet. I connect thru ethernet it to our internal local network, that connected via ADSL to ISP.
    Currently i use Gentoo-way to configure and connect to local network and internet. It works fine.
    But i wish to use KNetworkManager instead.
    Any comments?

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