Vidalinux, Gentopia, NetworkManager

I work on NetworkManager, and so I am subscribed to the NM mailing list.  A user sent a mail to the list saying that NetworkManager wasn't working for them, and digging in, it turns out that they are using Vidalinux, except that as far as I can tell, they aren't using Gentopia's overlay.  An interesting thought.  This Vidalinux has NetworkManager in their tree, which isn't necessarily bad, although I don't think that it is quite ready for Portage itself just yet.  I am not happy with the Gentoo backend, and am currently rewriting it, and I know that a lot of users will be put off because they can't set static information yet.  I am hoping for 1 more release before I put NetworkManager into the tree, and I am currently working on the patches to dhcp so that the support is there for dhcdbd.

 So, are there any Vidalinux users out there who read the Planet, or Universe (not sure which I am on) and know exactly how vlos is setup?  Or even if someone from vlos would contact me, so that the efforts in the Gentoo end of things are more unified and less re-inventing of the wheel.


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