Icon Buffet!

Ok, so a few months ago, I heard about Icon Buffet through an RSS feed, and signed up.  Every month there is a free delivery – a set of icons that you can use for whatever you want.  Which is very cool.  They send different sets to different people, and you can send them to others as well.  You can sign up http://www.iconbuffet.com/delivery and I don't recall exactly when they send out the new sets, but, what I am looking for, is help in getting the sets that I don't have.  I don't use my gentoo email address for there, so if you would like to do transfers, you will have to either leave a comment here for me to email you, or email me steev at gentoo dot org, and I will tell you where to send them.  The following are the sets that I have:

Dresden Tournament

Durango Research

Mallow Buzz 2

Shanghai Tech

Tower Grove Melee

If you would like any of these, please let me know.  I will be more than willing to send 🙂 


12 Responses to Icon Buffet!

  1. Arif Lukito says:

    Hi Steev, I’ve just signed up and I got Tower Grove Promenade. Are we able to transfer sets we got from someone to someone else?

  2. Srgjan says:

    Hi Steev, I’ve got Mallow Buzz 1, Modena Simbolo and Taipei Night Market. How can we get in contact (please don’t post mails on the blog, if you can see my mail on the comment use it to message me.

  3. opello says:

    This sounds like fun, can I get in on the exchanging?

    When I just signed up, I got Tower Grove Promenade (same as #1). Seems like there are a limited number of sends per set?

  4. steev says:

    Yes, you can send each set 5 times, which isn’t so bad, as long as you get to know quite a few people 🙂

    Just an update, I now have,
    Dresden Tournament – 4 deliveries
    Durango Research – 4 deliveries
    Mallow Buzz 1 – 5 deliveries
    Mallow Buzz 2 – 5 deliveries
    Modena Symbolo – 5 deliveries
    Shanghai Tech – 4 deliveries
    Taipei Night Market – 5 deliveries
    Tower Grove Melee – 3 deliveries
    Tower Grove Promenade – 4 deliveries

    If anyone wants, let me know, and I am still looking for the others 🙂

  5. opello says:

    I sent steev:
    Farewell Snow
    Oslow Atmosphere

  6. opello says:

    Shanghai Smiles
    Oslow Easter
    Manhattan Metroplex
    Oslow Finance

  7. opello says:

    Marseilles Cafe

  8. petercm says:

    Can I get in on the trading?

    Ive got:
    Marseilles Cafe
    Oslo Finance
    Tapei Night Market

  9. steev says:

    Sure – I actually have all the icons as far as I know, send an email to threeway at gmail and let me know what your address and name is to send them to you

  10. Mackid says:

    Can I have Tower Grove Meleeand Dresden Tournament?

    Also, If you have an extra can I have Tower Grove Promenade?

  11. Azzurra says:

    Buon luogo, congratulazioni, il mio amico!

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