NetworkManager in Portage?

No, not quite yet – although I am sure some of you got your hopes up.  Currently, I need to patch the dhclient scripts for all the distrobutions that support dbus (whether they run dhcdbd or not is another story)

 That means, according to the ls of the dhcp-3.0.3/dhclient/scripts directory

bsdos  freebsd  linux  netbsd  nextstep  openbsd  solaris 

The problem is, I am not sure which of those support dbus, aside from linux of course, so, I am asking for help.  If you run anything other than linux, drop me a comment, and let me know, and I will shoot off a small snippet for you to put into the dhclient-script file, and basically, just want you to go about your business and make sure that the snippet doesn't affect your dhclient-script usage at all.

Thanks for any help! 


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