ZOMG… Welcome to 1986

June 17, 2006

So…. I finally came out of the dark ages today… To be fair, I came out of them before, but went back in because it wasn't worth it before…

So what did I do?  I got a cell phone.  Mainly because I have a job that I actually care about now, and I would like them to get ahold of me easier than just IMing me or emailing me when needed.  For those interested, I work for AIMConnect, and I love it there.

 I went with Cricket Wireless, as they seemed to have the best deal for my needs.  $45USD per month, and unlimited nights and weekends, as well as unlimited days…  In other words, I can make a call at any time, day or night, and not pay more than I normally will.  That works for me.  The phone is nothing spectacular, it is a Kyocera Dorado, or something along those lines.  It was $110USD and first month free.

If anyone needs to get ahold of me, simply IM me and I would be more than willing to give you my phone number, assuming I know you somewhat 😉

That is all for now – Will have more soon.  Promise (and more Gentoo related as well)