So, apparently, the planet wants people to see us (oh noes!) and I figure, I might as well allow everyone to bask in the (inner) beauty that is me…

But, I suck at graphics, always have… Can someone maybe hook me up with a hackergotchi from this image


Greatly appreciated

Edit: Firstly, thank you for the 2 submissions so far – I realize thats not the greatest picture in the world (I was holding the camera myself, and it was a few years ago)  There are 2 additional pictures of me at http://dev.gentoo.org/~steev/files/ one is named Misc\ 103.jpg the other is named medium_pimpin.jpg (you’ll see)


3 Responses to Hackergotchi

  1. C.MAC says:

    Had a shot at it.

    I’m not very good at graphics myself so it’s really not that great and it won’t look good on anything but a white background (the hair area is kinda messed up) but maybe it will do for now.

    Transparent PNG:

  2. Salin says:

    Here’s my attempt. The neckline was a serious issue. If you do annother picture (hair, don’t pull your neck back, etc.) I’d have a better attempt

    Transparent PNG:

    Done with GIMP 2.3

  3. Salin says:


    Let’s try this one

    Transparent PNG:

    Done with Gimp2.3

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