Love dbus? Love mono? Please help!

Okay, as some of you may know, dbus had a new release…  I know some of you are screaming ZOMG its been out for like, a week, why isn’t it in portage yet!?  The answer is quite simple.  There is no upstream maintainer for mono bindings for dbus – also, there are no qt3 bindings.   Both of those are a bit of a deal breaker for me – I *need* the mono bindings for apps that I use on a daily basis.  The main application being Tomboy notes.  So please, if you know mono, and you love dbus, try to give the bindings some love, or help us find someone who can.  I will probably put the new dbus in p.masked as the bindings are split out now – so dbus itself will become a meta package, and the use flags will pull in the various bindings.  The bindings that DO exist for it currently, are – python, glib, perl, java 1.4 and java 1.5 – qt4 does have the bindings, but they are in the qt package itself now as of 4.2.  I need to talk to the java herd^Wteam (to be all politically correct and make people feel warm and fuzzy inside) and see how exactly to go about doing the java bindings as I don’t use them myself.

So, again, please help us get  some mono bindings love!


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