My Overlay

So, just about every developer has an overlay, and I am no different.  I actually have around 4 different overlays, that I put things in – things for my computer at work, things that I test before putting into portage, things that I test before putting into Gentopia, and things that I just all around test.  Then I have the other overlays that other people have provided as well.  Well, when Google announced project hosting, I headed on over there and signed myself up for hosting, mainly because of subversion access.  I combined all my overlays into one (almost – I left out the sexy-fonts overlay due to the questionable nature of some of the patches wrt patents) and committed them.  Now it is your turn.  You get to use my overlay finally.  One thing that may be of interest that is in there, is the latest hal, and dbus – which is split out.  Also, there are a few packages in there with patches that are required for the new dbus, since there is one minor change that some apps require (and I haven’t submitted the patches to bugzilla just yet as I am still testing everything out)

Now, I am sure you are wondering, what is the url?  I am getting to that – but the thing is – because of the new dbus in there, I need to provide some instructions.  Mainly because this DOES cause breakage.  Your apps WILL stop working.  I do have a mono bindings snapshot ebuild in there, as well as qt3 bindings (both ebuilds are probably horribly written so now is your time to shine 😉 ) — You WILL need to run a revdep-rebuild after installing the new dbus.  It WILL fail to build apps that actually SHOULD build fine against the new dbus, mainly because for whatever reason (I am guessing the –alphabetical flag) it builds the packages in the incorrect order.  So, after you emerge dbus, the FIRST package you should re-emerge is hal, then avahi if you use it, and THEN everything else should emerge fine – if you have any issues with any packages, take a walk through the overlay, I should have a few apps in there with patches.  Anything that uses the mono dbus bindings will have to be rebuilt – Tomboy is in this list (I *love* tomboy) – and it has been working just fine for me for the past few days, so that is good.  NetworkManager also needs to be rebuilt, dhcdbd needs to as well (Both have patches in Gentopia already but without a revbump as it isn’t truely required unless you are building against dbus .91 (and works fine if you are using dbus .62))

If you have any issues with anything in my overlay, use the issue tracker that Google provides for the “project” – Thanks.


My Overlay


2 Responses to My Overlay

  1. Gergan Penkov says:

    openoffice also needs a patch, the good thing is that in this case the patches are fairly trivial to do 🙂
    — patches/src680/vcl-gnome-screensaver-poke.diff.orig 2006-07-28 16:46:37.000000000 +0200
    +++ patches/src680/vcl-gnome-screensaver-poke.diff 2006-07-28 16:46:52.000000000 +0200
    @@ -170,7 +170,7 @@
    + m_nGnomeScreenSaverPokeTimeoutId = 0;
    + OSL_TRACE( “screensaver poking timeout removed” );
    -+ dbus_connection_disconnect( m_pDBusConnection );
    ++ dbus_connection_close( m_pDBusConnection );
    + dbus_connection_unref( m_pDBusConnection );
    + m_pDBusConnection = NULL;
    + OSL_TRACE( “dbus connection disconnected and unrefed” );

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