Efika MX

So, I have an overlay set up for the Efika MX.  If anyone out there has one, you are free to use it, keep in mind that some of these ebuilds are very rough and some (imx-lib) are perfect examples of how not to write an ebuild 😉

I’ve got it hosted on Github, http://github.com/steev is the main page.  There *are* other packages than just Efika MX related, simply because I use it for keyword testing, as well as for a few things that I want on the Efika MX without enabling some other full overlay.

What I currently have working is :

Xorg 1.8 RC2 (xorg-server-9999, mesa-9999, libdrm-9999) 2D acceleration in X, still no 3D driver yet (I’m watching the msm kernel closely as the video card in the Efika MX *seems* to be the same one that is in a Snapdragon.)

I need to write an ebuild for the Ralink driver for wireless.  I’m not a huge fan of it, but having used it, it DOES work.  My own attempts at getting the one in staging for the kernel by backporting the 2.6.34 stuff ended in lots of kernel panics and divide by zero errors.


Clean up the current ebuilds, make sure they do the right thing.

Ebuild for Ralink driver Thanks to Arnaud Patard from Mandriva, this isn’t needed as he got the rt2800usb in-kernel driver working.

Ebuild for the binary amd-gpu driver (this one is more along the lines of copying a bunch of files into the right place(s))

Look into what is needed to get the fsl_linux_sdk_codec_1.7.1 installed and working, and then write ebuilds.  A preliminary glance at the contents shows 3 tarballs, and a PDF.  One of the tarballs is just docs, the other appears to be a gstreamer plugin, so that shouldn’t be too difficult to compile itself, however the fsl-mm-codeclib Makefile looks like its going to make baby jesus cry.

Other things I’d like to do:

Move the Efika MX into my room, out of the office, which would put it on a different switch in the home network.  This would also put it on a slightly smaller monitor since it is currently plugged into the DVI input of one of my monitors used for work.

Get the PPC Efika back up and running – the main issue here is the lack of an outlet to plug it in.  This last one will probably have to wait for spring cleaning to come around, as I know I have some more UPSs in the garage, I just don’t remember where.


One Response to Efika MX

  1. Andrew Back says:

    Hello. I’ve just been handed a PPC Efika board to play with and was considering setting it up as a streaming audio server. However, it looks as though Linux support for this has become patchy and I’d like to run Debian or Gentoo. Any advice? regards, Andrew.

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