Out of curiosity, I ran strings on the binary drivers for the Efika MX’s gpu.


description=GSL driver
author=Advanced Micro Devices Inc.


license=Dual BSD/GPL
description=Device driver for AMD 3D graphics core
author=Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

Anyone happen to know where to find the GPL source for that gpu_z430 module?


One Response to gpu_z430

  1. opello says:

    I dug around a bit but couldn’t find it. I did learn a few things, that maybe you already know though …
    – It seems that the Freescale i.MX51 devkit uses the same GPU (and driver) according to their “Ubuntu Startup Guide for the i.MX51 EVK board” but they only have binary releases in the “SDK_soucre” tarball. the desktop shows a 5.1.0 that doesn’t seem to depend on the gsl.ko (based on lsmod in the video)
    – “ATI Imageon Z430” seems to be the product name, and leads to more search results 🙂

    Good luck … I enjoy following this stuff anyway.

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