About Me

My name is Stephen Klimaszewski, although I go by the moniker Steev.

I am a 28 years old, born in Detroit, Michigan. I was abandoned by my biological mother when I was 2 years old, and was finally adopted by an abusive couple when I was seven. I spent time in Juvenile Detention, and met the people that I actually consider my parents when I was 15.

I spent 2 years in the United States Air Force, as an armament systems specialist, working with the A-10 aircraft.

I have lived in Michigan, Texas, Arizona, California, and most recently, Oklahoma. I am currently working for AIMConnect as a Technical Support specialist.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Simon Martin says:


    Just caught your comment on ippimail here

    “Nothing against ippimail, I do like the fact that it uses ad revenue to fund charities, even of my choosing, however, the difference between ippimail and googlemail IS the interface. No offense to the developers, but squirrelmail/horde really needs to be updated. There are many issues with it, which is why any time I use a webmail service that has squirrelmail/horde installed, I immediately look for a way to download the mail and read it in a mailclient of my choice, the thing is – that is going against the whole point of webmail. I haven’t researched a lot of your arguments against Google, and I plan to, but just wanted you to know that even though I like what ippimail is doing, I simply cannot stand the interface.”

    I left a comment but just wanted to reply more personally. All meant in the most friendly way… 🙂

    The Squirrelmail interface *is* being updated, albeit slowly.

    The way to speed development of ippimail is to get on board! 🙂 Help spread the word!

    Why not grab an ippimail address, forward it to your gmail address and change your ‘from’ address there to your new ippimail address and use our sig to spread the word?

    Gmail interface, ippimail address.

    I don’t need to tell a Debian developer how important it is to just ‘Join in!’. Every little helps.

    Better still, help with the development of the ippimail project as a whole.

    I know time is always a factor…

    Anyway, thanks for taking a look at ippimail. 🙂 Hope you’ll come on board at some stage, in whatever capacity.


  2. Simon Martin says:


    Link to your comment should have been http://mjr.towers.org.uk/blog/2006/google



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