Has it really been that long since I have blogged?

October 27, 2006

Just noticed that I haven’t blogged since August – I know I posted something on my personal site, but nothing on here recently, so lets do some catchup…

DBus is rearing up and getting really close to a 1.0 release.  J5 got tired of waiting for someone to do the FreeBSD patches (and people complain about RedHat not caring about others!) and grabbed a FreeBSD LiveCD, and wrote a couple of things needed, though I believe a couple of things are still not up to snuff (by reading the postings on the ML) and I haven’t had a chance to play with any of it at all.

Someone named SaintDev has popped into the Gentopia channel “recently” (is it really recently, I don’t honestly pay as much attention to IRC as I used to these days, Email is probably better to get ahold of me)  and has been working on the Gentoo backend for NetworkManager.  Speaking of which – I am planning on getting a cvs snapshot into Gentopia’s overlay soon.

Speaking of the overlay – we are no longer on gentooexperimental.org (though many many thanks to BonsaiKitten for hosting us for so long!)  and are now on the official Gentoo site – http://overlays.gentoo.org – No, most of our trac/wiki items are not ported over to it, but the overlay itself is – so those of you who think we have been lying dormant…  we haven’t – at least, not entirely 😉

Also on the DBus front… dbus-sharp… there are new managed bindings, and apparently, a few apps use them already, though alp says they aren’t really ready for prime time.  I haven’t looked into them at all honestly.  And, we also have in Gentopia, the bindings from the previous version of DBus – well, the last monolithic release.  These are not spectacular, and really, even though I wrote the ebuild for them, Genstef is the one who imported them (from my own personal overlay) – and as much as I don’t want to support them, any testing is greatly appreciated.  Assuming we go ahead and put both these, and the other dbus bindings into portage (possibly slotted, possibly just finally kicking the old bindings in the junk) then we can (finally) unmask dbus .9x which is what people have been asking for.

Other than that, on my end, not a whole lot is new.  Oh, I was supposed to goto the Google SoC Mentor Summit, but due to my pos car dying on the way to the airport, I missed my flight.  Leslie even tried to get me onto a later flight, but to no avail.  Alas, I did not get to meet the enthralling Christel, and try to take advantage of her 😦  Oh well, there is always next year!

I have been mainly focusing on work related things lately.  I work for a company that has been around for, quite a while – in fact, at one point there were 100 employees, however, we have downsized (quite a bit!) and there are currently 8 total employees, and most of our sales is done by channel partners (about 70) and one main person here at our office.   Since there is only 8 of us, we all pretty much wear many hats here at work, with mine being mostly technical support for both our Windows clients, and our Linux servers.  Also programming, and research.  At the moment, I am trying to formulate the best way to sync our servers against our database (it syncs against the database and writes a flat file currently – WHEN it actually syncs.)  One thing we want, is the ability to “turn it off” – for example, we have customers who continue to use our machines after ending the contracts with us (and they don’t ship the hardware back to us – but we are working on it!) and so the ability to turn off them getting updates is an important feature.  Currently, my thinking is, rsync, with X.509 certificates, and generating the certificate to be valid for as long as the contract with us is initially, and if they renew, then generate a new certificate for them.  To that end, I have been looking into various ways of making it easier to generate and control them, as it needs to be easy for anyone else, who may follow in my footsteps (not that they would have huge shoes to fill 😉 ) or anyone else here who may have not a clue what they are doing, but can follow a few points and clicks.  Recently, Odyssi was pointed out to me, anyone have any experience with it?  Or know of something along those lines?  Or hell, if you do any rsyncing with authentication, what has worked for you, and what hasn’t – this is the research I am currently doing.

Also, I have picked up a few packages from Seemant recently, as he was simply proxy maintaining them, and I happen to use some of them for my job.  A few of which have some bugs that I have noticed from using them at work (if you use sqsh, don’t enter $ and hit enter!) and I haven’t gotten around to fixing them.  I keep meaning to, but just really busy at work lately, as others have been out sick, and then I was out sick.  Wireless still isn’t working at home, I think I may just bite the bullet and buy a new wireless AP – either that, or get an Atheros based PCI card to put into my pfSense box (or get a WRAP) and use it.  Since wireless isn’t working, I tend to not use the laptops as much at home, since I don’t like to be tethered there.

Work bought me an AMD64 machine as an upgrade for my workstation.  I am having fun learning about all the cool new features (and Firefox compiles in about 30 minutes!)  and I can definitely tell that the response time is better.  Expect some ~amd64 lovin on some packages I add to Portage that aren’t already in now!

I think that pretty much brings us up to speed.  Not sure if I forgot anything.  Lemme know if you have any questions about anything!


Warning to KDE users…

August 19, 2006

I have p.masked dbus .91/.92 in Portage.  So what does that mean?  For Gnomies, nothing, just another version, but for KDE users, your desktop… well, if you unmask it, I am not cleaning up after you 🙂  Seriously, the qt3 bindings are a backport and well, they have changed quite a bit, and as far as I can tell are as unmaintained as the qt3 bindings that were in CVS and upstream doesn’t support them.  Sorry.  Seriously, I am, I really wish it wasn’t this way, because it holds up Gnome waiting for someone to pick up the slack of KDE.  So, if you use any apps that use qt3 D-Bus bindings, please, check your package.unmask file and make sure you aren’t unmasking dbus.  It will save you a lot of trouble.  Now, if you are one of those qt4 people (why I wouldn’t know, but apparently there are people who dig KDE… 😉 )  you can now compile qt4’s dbus bindings because they *should* compile against dbus .91/.92.  I am working on an upgrade guide, but I am also attempting to move the Gentopia stuff from gentooexperimental.org over to overlays.gentoo.org, so it isn’t a priority – at least, not yet.

That is all.

My Overlay

July 30, 2006

So, just about every developer has an overlay, and I am no different.  I actually have around 4 different overlays, that I put things in – things for my computer at work, things that I test before putting into portage, things that I test before putting into Gentopia, and things that I just all around test.  Then I have the other overlays that other people have provided as well.  Well, when Google announced project hosting, I headed on over there and signed myself up for hosting, mainly because of subversion access.  I combined all my overlays into one (almost – I left out the sexy-fonts overlay due to the questionable nature of some of the patches wrt patents) and committed them.  Now it is your turn.  You get to use my overlay finally.  One thing that may be of interest that is in there, is the latest hal, and dbus – which is split out.  Also, there are a few packages in there with patches that are required for the new dbus, since there is one minor change that some apps require (and I haven’t submitted the patches to bugzilla just yet as I am still testing everything out)

Now, I am sure you are wondering, what is the url?  I am getting to that – but the thing is – because of the new dbus in there, I need to provide some instructions.  Mainly because this DOES cause breakage.  Your apps WILL stop working.  I do have a mono bindings snapshot ebuild in there, as well as qt3 bindings (both ebuilds are probably horribly written so now is your time to shine 😉 ) — You WILL need to run a revdep-rebuild after installing the new dbus.  It WILL fail to build apps that actually SHOULD build fine against the new dbus, mainly because for whatever reason (I am guessing the –alphabetical flag) it builds the packages in the incorrect order.  So, after you emerge dbus, the FIRST package you should re-emerge is hal, then avahi if you use it, and THEN everything else should emerge fine – if you have any issues with any packages, take a walk through the overlay, I should have a few apps in there with patches.  Anything that uses the mono dbus bindings will have to be rebuilt – Tomboy is in this list (I *love* tomboy) – and it has been working just fine for me for the past few days, so that is good.  NetworkManager also needs to be rebuilt, dhcdbd needs to as well (Both have patches in Gentopia already but without a revbump as it isn’t truely required unless you are building against dbus .91 (and works fine if you are using dbus .62))

If you have any issues with anything in my overlay, use the issue tracker that Google provides for the “project” – Thanks.


My Overlay

Love dbus? Love mono? Please help!

July 27, 2006

Okay, as some of you may know, dbus had a new release…  I know some of you are screaming ZOMG its been out for like, a week, why isn’t it in portage yet!?  The answer is quite simple.  There is no upstream maintainer for mono bindings for dbus – also, there are no qt3 bindings.   Both of those are a bit of a deal breaker for me – I *need* the mono bindings for apps that I use on a daily basis.  The main application being Tomboy notes.  So please, if you know mono, and you love dbus, try to give the bindings some love, or help us find someone who can.  I will probably put the new dbus in p.masked as the bindings are split out now – so dbus itself will become a meta package, and the use flags will pull in the various bindings.  The bindings that DO exist for it currently, are – python, glib, perl, java 1.4 and java 1.5 – qt4 does have the bindings, but they are in the qt package itself now as of 4.2.  I need to talk to the java herd^Wteam (to be all politically correct and make people feel warm and fuzzy inside) and see how exactly to go about doing the java bindings as I don’t use them myself.

So, again, please help us get  some mono bindings love!


July 13, 2006

So, apparently, the planet wants people to see us (oh noes!) and I figure, I might as well allow everyone to bask in the (inner) beauty that is me…

But, I suck at graphics, always have… Can someone maybe hook me up with a hackergotchi from this image


Greatly appreciated

Edit: Firstly, thank you for the 2 submissions so far – I realize thats not the greatest picture in the world (I was holding the camera myself, and it was a few years ago)  There are 2 additional pictures of me at http://dev.gentoo.org/~steev/files/ one is named Misc\ 103.jpg the other is named medium_pimpin.jpg (you’ll see)

Please help…

July 10, 2006

So, thanks to a local LUG member, I have a “new” Dell Inspiron 8100.  I had to buy a new motherboard for it though – and it is a C800 motherboard.  The shell and keyboard however are fromt he 8100.  This thing is awesome… But I have one major problem… zsh.

I simply cannot get zsh to work properly with it.  Actually everything works spectacularly, except for the home and end keys.  And it is different between terminals.  xterm is the only one that works perfectly.


That is the output when I hit home/end in mrxvt, xterm, and gnome-terminal.  As previously mentioned, only xterm works properly when I hit home/end.


This is a screenshot of hitting home/end in gnome-terminal.

Any help getting this working is greatly appreciated – the zshrc file I use, can be found at


ZOMG… Welcome to 1986

June 17, 2006

So…. I finally came out of the dark ages today… To be fair, I came out of them before, but went back in because it wasn't worth it before…

So what did I do?  I got a cell phone.  Mainly because I have a job that I actually care about now, and I would like them to get ahold of me easier than just IMing me or emailing me when needed.  For those interested, I work for AIMConnect, and I love it there.

 I went with Cricket Wireless, as they seemed to have the best deal for my needs.  $45USD per month, and unlimited nights and weekends, as well as unlimited days…  In other words, I can make a call at any time, day or night, and not pay more than I normally will.  That works for me.  The phone is nothing spectacular, it is a Kyocera Dorado, or something along those lines.  It was $110USD and first month free.

If anyone needs to get ahold of me, simply IM me and I would be more than willing to give you my phone number, assuming I know you somewhat 😉

That is all for now – Will have more soon.  Promise (and more Gentoo related as well)