Requesting some infos…

May 13, 2006

Why hello everyone out there in Gentoo land 🙂

 Just a request for information (lots of it actually, as much as possible 🙂 )

What I am looking for is, if you are using a USB Keyboard or mouse, and you have hal installed, I would like the following informations

From either lshal or using the hal-device-manager,

select your usb keyboard/mouse (or find it in the output)

info.udi, info.product, usb_device.{device_revision_bcd,product,product_id,speed_bcd,vendor,vendor_id,version_bcd}

Also, if you have to use xmodmap, or you have it setup in your xorg.conf – the various configurations that you use.  Please send them to my email address steevatgentoodotorg 🙂  I am trying to gather as many of these various device informations as much as possible – and if you aren't using Gentoo, and you read this planet, or this blog – any Linux distro where you can easily get this information, those informations would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance everyone who responds!