Is it a bug and if so, where?

April 27, 2006

I have an iomega clik! drive (now renamed to PocketZIP) – pcmcia, 40mb little tiny thing – used to work fine with 2.4 kernels, but I haven’t messed with things too much, and the last version of udev didn’t create the /dev/hde and /dev/hde4 (for some reason it only uses /dev/hde4) so I have upgraded udev and the devices were created!

but all was not well.

This is the output I get – note that the part where it kept talking about various filesystems being missing, that was me attempting “pmount-hal /the/hal/udi” at which point in time, udev went into overdrive trying to exec that (why!?)

Also, I use a pcmcia orinoco wifi card, notice that as soon as I plugged it in, the networking dropped. Am I missing something in my pcmcia config? In order to get networking back, I had to remove all pcmcia devices (the orinoco and the clik! drive) and then rmmod all the pcmcia modules, and modprobe yenta_socket again. Any help?


NetworkManager in Portage?

April 19, 2006

No, not quite yet – although I am sure some of you got your hopes up.  Currently, I need to patch the dhclient scripts for all the distrobutions that support dbus (whether they run dhcdbd or not is another story)

 That means, according to the ls of the dhcp-3.0.3/dhclient/scripts directory

bsdos  freebsd  linux  netbsd  nextstep  openbsd  solaris 

The problem is, I am not sure which of those support dbus, aside from linux of course, so, I am asking for help.  If you run anything other than linux, drop me a comment, and let me know, and I will shoot off a small snippet for you to put into the dhclient-script file, and basically, just want you to go about your business and make sure that the snippet doesn't affect your dhclient-script usage at all.

Thanks for any help! 


April 18, 2006

Ok, so the last post here about icons from IconBuffet was really helpful, and I am almost complete. This is my list thus far. (Many thanks to all whom have sent me icons)

Dresden Tournament (3 Deliveries available)
Durango Research (3 Deliveries available)
Farewell Snow (5 Deliveries available)
Helsinki Hi-Fi (5 Deliveries available)
Mallow Buzz 1 (4 Deliveries available)
Mallow Buzz 2 (4 Deliveries available)
Manhattan Metroplex (5 Deliveries available)

Marseilles Cafe (5 Deliveries available)
Modena Simbolo (4 Deliveries available)
Oslo Atmosphere (5 Deliveries available)
Oslo Easter (5 Deliveries available)
Oslo Finance (5 Deliveries available)
Shanghai Tech (3 Deliveries available)
Shanghai Smilies (5 Deliveries available)
Shanghai Tech Vector (5 Deliveries available)
Taipei Night Market (4 Deliveries available)
Tower Grove Melee (2 Deliveries available)
Tower Grove Promenade (4 Deliveries available)
Tower Grove Wedding (4 Deliveries available)

Still need any others 🙂

Icon Buffet!

April 15, 2006

Ok, so a few months ago, I heard about Icon Buffet through an RSS feed, and signed up.  Every month there is a free delivery – a set of icons that you can use for whatever you want.  Which is very cool.  They send different sets to different people, and you can send them to others as well.  You can sign up and I don't recall exactly when they send out the new sets, but, what I am looking for, is help in getting the sets that I don't have.  I don't use my gentoo email address for there, so if you would like to do transfers, you will have to either leave a comment here for me to email you, or email me steev at gentoo dot org, and I will tell you where to send them.  The following are the sets that I have:

Dresden Tournament

Durango Research

Mallow Buzz 2

Shanghai Tech

Tower Grove Melee

If you would like any of these, please let me know.  I will be more than willing to send 🙂 

Vidalinux, Gentopia, NetworkManager

April 14, 2006

I work on NetworkManager, and so I am subscribed to the NM mailing list.  A user sent a mail to the list saying that NetworkManager wasn't working for them, and digging in, it turns out that they are using Vidalinux, except that as far as I can tell, they aren't using Gentopia's overlay.  An interesting thought.  This Vidalinux has NetworkManager in their tree, which isn't necessarily bad, although I don't think that it is quite ready for Portage itself just yet.  I am not happy with the Gentoo backend, and am currently rewriting it, and I know that a lot of users will be put off because they can't set static information yet.  I am hoping for 1 more release before I put NetworkManager into the tree, and I am currently working on the patches to dhcp so that the support is there for dhcdbd.

 So, are there any Vidalinux users out there who read the Planet, or Universe (not sure which I am on) and know exactly how vlos is setup?  Or even if someone from vlos would contact me, so that the efforts in the Gentoo end of things are more unified and less re-inventing of the wheel.

Gentopia, NetworkManager, DHCP Timeouts

April 8, 2006

So, NetworkManager is one of the few packages remaining in Gentopia, and it requires a patch to dhcp, which Uberlord is looking into adding it to Portage, so that is a good thing.  On the down side though, something has recently started causing, whenever NetworkManager attempts to get a dhcp address, for it to take longer than 45 seconds to receive a dhcp response.  This of course, causes it to fail, and you then get stuck with an apipa address and no networking.  Still trying to hunt down the cause.  Will keep you posted.